callsign: KC1KLN
contact: dgiese[at]dontvacuum.me
twitter: dgi_DE (For communication and some announcements)
telegram: dgiese (I do not provide enduser support here)
Linkedin: "dennis-giese"
My Youtube channel with my playlist: My Channel

I am a PhD student at Northeastern University in the Khoury College of Computer Science, with Prof. Guevara Noubir as my advisor. I am teamlead for the Northeastern University CTF team "NUSEC". My main research interest is the security and privacy of embedded systems and IoT devices. I was a TA for CY 5770 "Software Vulnerabilities and Security" (Engin Kirda, Spring 2021), CY 4740 "Network security" (Guevara Noubir, Fall 2022), CS 3740 "Systems Security" (Spring 2023, Kaan Onarlioglu). In Summer 2023 I will be a TA for CY 5770 "Software Vulnerabilities and Security" (Kaan Onarlioglu).

My talks My 34C3, Recon BRX, HITCON, DEFCON and BeVX talks
My papers My academic papers
List of media (interviews, articles, etc) about my projects

Some of my projects:

Robot info A comparison of vacuum robots I analyzed
IoT teardowns I started a collection of teardown pictures of my devices
Dustcloud Repo Repo contains all source codes that are required to run the Dustcloud implementation and to create custom firmware / audio images for your Roborock/Xiaomi robot (v1,s5).
Dustcloud-documentation Repo Repo for Documentation (Photos, Datasheets) of Xiaomi devices
Dustbuilder Online tool for creation of custom rooted firmware for your Xiaomi/Roborock vacuum robots.
Dustbuilder NEEO Online tool for custom rooted firmware for NEEO Brains. [More information]
Flash forensics of crashed rockets A story about how I extracted data of a broken flash chip using salt water
Security Analysis of the Xiaomi IoT Ecosystem My TU Darmstadt Master thesis (2019)

My other activities:

Northeastern Team in the MITRE eCTF (Me being team captain since 2017, winning in 2019, 2020 and 2021)
Lockpicking/Physec: I run some lockpicking and physical security activities at Northeastern University
MIT Rocket Team (as responsible engineer for Radio stuff, fixer of broken PCBs and forensic guy ;)
MIT Radio Society (served as Vice President W1XM 2019/2020)

Former stuff I did / Affiliations:

Fachschaft Physik TU Darmstadt (The physics student council of the TU Darmstadt)
Saturday Morning Physics@TU Darmstadt (helped there between 2011 and 2016)
Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik Deutschland e.V. (German Lockpicking Society)
Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German scholarship foundation of which I received a scholarship)
Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (served as a Software Officer in 2019/2020)