Here are some links to media about my projects. This list is not complete.

19.12.2023 [US, Podcast] Security Ledger: Episode 254: Dennis Giese’s Revolutionary Robot Vacuum Liberation Movement
18.10.2023 [AUS, Online, TV] 7News: ‘Be very wary’: Spying robot vacuum sparks expert warning on common household items
15.10.2023 [AUS, Online] AISA: Quality Matters More Than Quantity, When it Comes to Protecting Your Data
31.10.2023 [US, Online] The Verge: The best robot vacuum for me is the one I hacked
16.08.2023 [US, Online] engadget: With some tech savvy, you can disconnect your robot vacuum from the cloud
21.12.2022 [UK, Online] Daily Star: Robot vacuum cleaner ‘recorded images of woman on toilet that ended up on Facebook'
19.12.2022 [US, Online, Print] MIT Tech Review: A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook?
02.07.2021 [US, Online] Ars Technica: Thinking about selling your Echo Dot—or any IoT device? Read this first
05.07.2021 [US, Online] Wired: Echo Dots Store a Wealth of Data—Even After You Reset Them
03.07.2021 [US, Online] PCMag: Researchers Demonstrate Privacy Implications of Selling Used Amazon Echo Dots
26.01.2021 [US, Online] Khoury College: " Capture the Flag cybersecurity competitions offer unique learning opportunities – and for some, job opportunities"
19.06.2020 [US, Online] Digital Trends: "Should you worry about hacked smart home appliances? "
08.01.2019 [DE, Radio] SWR DASDING: Interview
09.12.2019 [AT, Radio] ORF Ö1: "IoT-Hacker von Beruf"
24.10.2019 [US, Online] Hackaday: "Reverse-Engineering Xiaomi IoT Firmware"
19.10.2019 [US, Online] Hackaday: "Customizing Xiaomi ARM Cortex-M Firmware"
14.10.2019 [DE, Print+Online] Technology Review: "IoT: defekte Geräte sind das größte Problem"
22.08.2019 [DE, Online] Der Spiegel : "Das verrät Ihr kaputter Staubsauger noch alles über Sie"
01.07.2019 [US, Online] Northeastern University News: "How to hack a video game console (and protect one)"
23.02.2018 [DE, Online] "Das Xiaomi-Ökosystem vom Hersteller befreien"
04.01.2018 [US, Online] Kaspersky daily: "Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner hacked"
30.12.2017 [DE, Online] : "Security: Staubsauger sammelt neben Staub auch Daten über die Wohnung"
29.12.2017 [DE, Radio+Online] Deutschlandfunk: "Interview - Daniel Wegemer und Dennis Giese - Vernetzte Hausgeräte hacken"
28.12.2017 [DE, Online]
28.12.2017 [AT, Online] DerStandard : "Forscher hacken Staubsaugerroboter – und finden Bedenkliches"
28.12.2017 [DE, Online] : "34C3: Vernetzter Staubsauger-Roboter aus China gehackt"
28.12.2017 [DE, Online] Zeit Online: "Staubsauger aus der Cloud befreien"
28.12.2017 [DE, Online] "Mit einem Stück Alufolie autonome Staubsauger rooten"
27.12.2017 [US, Online] Hackaday: "34C3: The First Day Is A Doozy"

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