Firmwares for: dreame.vacuum.p2027

Productname: Dreame Bot W10

This information is collected over time by my rooted devices and stored in a database. There might be firmware older than this, but it is not listed here as I did not own a particular device at that time. There is no guarantee for accuracy of this information, as the availability of firmware might be device specific and region specific. Sometimes I don't have enough devices to cover all regions.

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first seen2021-08-212021-08-212021-08-212021-08-212021-08-21

app6610c2c2ccf246436b7eab36b2da90046610c2c2ccf246436b7eab36b2da9004_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10302021-07-30 05:28:0030,111 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app86f5c3980eaf96145611afc8f09df0df86f5c3980eaf96145611afc8f09df0df_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10442021-10-08 03:38:0030,574 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appd9cb739dfd4c243f7dc068c589b3b960d9cb739dfd4c243f7dc068c589b3b960_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10582021-10-31 01:43:0030,588 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us

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