Dreame Robot L10S Ultra


Do not update firmware via OTA if you plan to ever root your device

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ModelID: dreame.vacuum.r2228o
Codename: p2228
OEM: Dreame
Firmware format: enc(zip), signed, enc, sqfs(signed)
Sound format: tar.gz, unsigned
SOC: Allwinner MR813 (4x)
RAM: 1 GByte
Flash: 4GByte eMMC
WiFi: RTL8723DS(BT+WiFi)
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q3/2022


Camera: y (1x OV8856 front facing [RGB,8MP), 1x SC031GS line laser [640x480])
Mop: y(rotating)
Waterpump: y (in basestation)
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 4x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: Camera, Linelaser
Cloud support: 4.3.3, dreame-iot


Root supported? : y (Q4/2022)
Root method public? : n
Root complexity:
Valetudo support: y


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"WARNING: The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!


first seen2022-07-042022-10-232022-07-042022-07-042022-07-04

appa7d238e8511e2241bce4c10c6e0f2cd7a7d238e8511e2241bce4c10c6e0f2cd7_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_10582022-06-17 03:29:0073,782 MBde,ru,sg,us
app3c77b214c778bce924b6aefa4fade6973c77b214c778bce924b6aefa4fade697_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_10872022-08-08 11:26:0075,805 MBgl
app82e2c4f77ef7e98f0056e8d12161e73a82e2c4f77ef7e98f0056e8d12161e73a_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_11212022-10-02 05:53:3776,065 MBde,gl,sg
appb769045c4e76bc6c6368522f534891f7b769045c4e76bc6c6368522f534891f7_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_11252022-10-11 06:56:0076,065 MBde,gl,ru,sg,us
app3149ea73ce0c2d254509d34619cddff43149ea73ce0c2d254509d34619cddff4_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_21042022-12-27 10:05:0080,203 MBgl
app0fac05dab08c55031f5e7a2ba612b2240fac05dab08c55031f5e7a2ba612b224_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_22042023-02-02 09:34:0080,203 MBgl
app6d2094d9a98b7c02e1ac6e480cbc94f16d2094d9a98b7c02e1ac6e480cbc94f1_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_23032023-02-26 07:36:0088,079 MBde,gl,ru,sg,us
app6d9a93ba5115b26c569332e34ee4623c6d9a93ba5115b26c569332e34ee4623c_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2228o.bin4.3.3_24012023-03-19 09:14:0088,079 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.3.3_10582022-06-17 03:29:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_10872022-08-08 11:26:00test
app4.3.3_11212022-10-02 05:53:371. Fixed the known bug; 2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_11252022-10-11 06:56:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_21042022-12-27 10:05:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_22042023-02-02 09:34:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_23032023-02-26 07:36:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_24012023-03-19 09:14:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.

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