Dreame Robot Vacuum W10

Not recommended for purchase and rooting!

ModelID: dreame.vacuum.p2027
Codename: p2027
Firmware format: X=enc(2x), signed, sqfs
Sound format: tar.gz, unsigned
SOC: Allwinner MR133 (4x)
RAM: 256 MByte
Flash: 128MByte SPI
MCU: GD32F303*ET6
WiFi: RTL8189FTV (6189N-SFC)
OS: OpenWRT (4.9.x)
Released: Q4/2021


Camera: n
Mop: y
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors:
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: IR
Cloud support: 4.1.6


Root supported? : y (Q4/2021)
Root method public? : n
Root complexity: easy via UART, minimal teardown
Valetudo support: n


released Firmwares
Rooting How-to


Device has relatively weak hardware (in comparison to other Dreame robots).
Hardware too limited to run Valetudo or other custom software.
Not recommended device if you ever plan to root!
Is the Dreame W10 Pro recommended for purchase? No


first seen2021-08-212021-08-212021-08-212021-08-212021-08-21

app6610c2c2ccf246436b7eab36b2da90046610c2c2ccf246436b7eab36b2da9004_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10302021-07-30 05:28:0030,111 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app86f5c3980eaf96145611afc8f09df0df86f5c3980eaf96145611afc8f09df0df_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10442021-10-08 03:38:0030,574 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appd9cb739dfd4c243f7dc068c589b3b960d9cb739dfd4c243f7dc068c589b3b960_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.6_10582021-10-31 01:43:0030,588 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app2fab91530c5d90496bfdc4a3205276432fab91530c5d90496bfdc4a320527643_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.8_10842022-01-25 11:27:0030,234 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appf7895d7b8ad2a53c2556946ceacd9149f7895d7b8ad2a53c2556946ceacd9149_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2027.bin4.1.8_10922022-04-15 12:30:0030,318 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us

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This information is collected over time by my rooted devices and stored in a database. There might be firmware older than this, but it is not listed here as I did not own a particular device at that time. There is no guarantee for accuracy of this information, as the availability of firmware might be device specific and region specific. Sometimes I don't have enough devices to cover all regions.