You are propably looking for this: Dustcloud Repo ;)
This repo contains all source codes that are required to run the Dustcloud implementation and to create custom firmware / audio images for your robot.

Documentation (Photos, Datasheets) for Xiaomi devices can be found in a seperate repository: Dustcloud-documentation Repo

contact: dgiese[at]seemoo.de
twitter: dgi_DE (I use it only for communication)
telegram: kuchenmonster (I do not provide enduser support here)

DEFCON26 and DEFCON26 IoT Village Talks

(12 August 2018)
I had the great opportunity to give 2 talks at DEFCON26, one in the 101-Track and one in the IoT Village. While it was a lot of fun, it was quite stressful as I was still improving my talk until saturday. Next time I try to have my talks on the first day, so i can relax and actually participate in the events ;)
"Having fun with IoT: Reverse Engineering and Hacking of Xiaomi IoT Devices": DEFCON26 101-track Slides
"How-to modify ARM Cortex-M based firmware: A step-by-step approach for Xiaomi devices": DEFCON26 IoT Village Slides

HITCON 14 Community

(30 July 2018)
The HITCON CMT was a great conference and it was a pleasure for me to visit Asia for the first time. Also for the first time I saw a real Xiaomi store and used this opportunity to buy some devices for reverse engineering. Buying new devices helps me to provide new and updated content for my talks.
"Reverse Engineering 101 of the Xiaomi IoT ecosystem": HITCON14 CMT Slides

ReCon BRX 2018 Talk

(12 February 2018)
Our slides of the ReCon are now uploaded ->here.

Xiaomi Cleaning Robot Generation 2 now rootable

(January 2018)
We now published the firmware for the Generation 2 Robot (aka Roborock S50). As the hardware inside the Gen2 is nearly the same as the Gen 1, you can use the same tools to create your custom firmware.
However we do not recommend to install the Gen2 firmware on your Gen1 robot, as it will propably brick your device.

Chaos Communication Congress 2017 (34C3) Talk

(December 2017)
On the 34C3 we presented a way to root Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaning Robots remotely, without opening the device. Also we show how to emulate part of the Xiaomi Cloud interface.
A recording of the talk you can find here: media.ccc.de